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The principal consultant is Professor Stephen J Foti who brings 34 years of high-tech industrial experience in the USA and the UK and 15 years of university lecturing experience in: RF & Microwave Engineering, Antennas and Electromagnetic Fields & Waves.

If necessary, additional specialist consultants can be made available for multi-disciplinary projects.

Application areas:

  • Wireless Systems
  • Telecoms Network Antennas
  • Microwave Medical Imaging
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Phased Array & Smart Antenna Systems
  • Radar Antennas
  • Satcom Antennas
  • High Power RF Combiner Networks

Overview of Services offered:

  • Technical assessment & advice on a problem
  • Detailed techno-economic design studies
  • Full product development
  • Project management

Mobile Telecoms Antenna Technology Services Offered:

To Antenna Manufacturers:

  • Innovative Antenna Product Development
  • Advice/assistance to in-house design team
  • Technical product design audits
  • Electrical Design & Modelling
  • Cost effective production manufacturing recommendations
  • Antenna Testing Advice
  • Diagnostic techniques for antenna development
  • Production test techniques
  • Specification compliance audits
  • Proposal Preparation

To Network Operators:

  • Advice to in-house Network Planners
  • Generation of Antenna Specifications
  • BTS antenna siting & planning recommendations
  • Site surveys & reports
  • On-site fault diagnostics & rectification
  • Radiation Hazard investigations
  • Antenna product selection criteria
  • In-House Antenna Courses:
    • BTS Antennas for Non-Technical personnel
    • BTS Antennas for Technical personnel